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And be aware that when borrowing a costume, you might now be responsible for a $500 costume or a $2,000 costume, and if it is ruined, you are morally obligated to replace it. Costumes can also get stolen or forgotten (or lost). Never pack an expensive costume in baggage, but always carry it on the plane with you. If your street clothes are lost, you can replace those, but replacing a specialty dance costume at the last minute? This is not easy to do. This could ruin a friendship, so don't take needless risks with someone else's costume. It could cost you the value of a new costume and it could cost you your friendship. I have several articles that list possible preventative measures and cures for after-the-fact problems with costumes. Visit our Costume Care page and click on the following articles: Taking Care of Performance CostumesGirls Do Sweat, Tips for Sweaty CostumesWhen Bad Things Happen You will find lots of tips to keep your costumes in great shape.To long gown dress Lend or Not to Lend Your Dance Costumes

Sometimes it might advantageous to borrow a dance costume Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie from a friend. You may really like a costume that your friend has, and maybe they don't use it often. Or you may have budgetary issues, so that you can't afford a new costume at the present time. Borrowing a costume may seem to be an inexpensive option. Friends may be happy to accommodate your request. But there are some things you should consider when lending out your expensive costume, or to consider, if you are asking for this favor. Things could happen, causing this seemingly inexpensive option to become really expensive. Even if you are nearly the same size as your friend, you may not have the same shape, causing the costume to not look ‘quite right' on you. If you need to make alterations or adjustments so that it fits, you need to know if this is OK with the owner. Sometimes alterations can harm a costume, unintentionally of course. Some adjustments are NOT easily reversed. If you lend out a costume, you should have every expectation that it is returned to you in perfect condition. You would not be happy if suddenly the straps were shorter, or it was ‘snugged up' in the hips (or neck, or wherever). Any performance dance costume is somewhat delicate, especially if it has rhinestones, beads, or feathers attached. A hot sweaty performance could possibly dislodge these delicate embellishments. Most performance costumes are generally not laundered, but are spot-cleaned, when necessary. Any sweat and odor could remain in the costume. You don't want to wear a dirty or smelly costume, and you certainly don't want someone else's sweat or odor to attach itself to your costume. Don't even think about the odor of cigarette smoke! And a pet-peeve of mine — don't wear fragrances. They also linger and remain in garments. You won't want a stain on your friendship, caused by a stain on your friend's dance costume that you borrowed, so always be extra careful. Don't drink anything, don't eat anything and don't site on anything that could damage the costume. Costumes made of spandex or chiffon can easily snag, by rubbing up against a rough wall or chair, from your hangnails or less-than-perfect fingernails, or from all types of jewelry settings. We all know that dancers can sometimes cake on makeup and spray tan, and it can easily make its way onto your costumes. Not to mention, lipstick from yourself or your best friend. Hair spray or gel? Don't let it near your friend's costume! And beware of your monthly visit…protect your own costumes, and be even more vigilant if the costume is not yours. Needless to say, there are so many possibilities of bad things that can happen, even if you are careful, so realize that if you are lending our your costume, it may not come back as you gave it.

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Halloween halloween costumes outlet Dance Costume? Don’t panic!Once you've established your costume goals and have an idea of the venue, you can then begin to drum up ideas for your costume. Do you want to go for sexy, clever, historical, or comedic? Is comfort at the top of your priorities or are you willing to sacrifice your comfort to squeeze into that little costume or those super high heels? Maybe you attend a Renaissance Fair every year and would like a costume that you can use for both venues? Perhaps your partner is a Star Trek or comic book fan, and you would like something to wear for his or her events and conventions? Maybe you know you'll be seeing a certain someone and want to impress him or her with how fabulously sexy you look? Once you've determined what style of costume you want it's time to do your research! Fabulous costumes almost always will take some heavy duty preliminary planning. As with any dressing or costuming, accessories can make an outfit. So shop for accessories, whether it's hats, jewelry or simply the right hair (a wig?) or makeup to complete your look.

However, despite our location, (and to the surprise of many) you won't find us selling Halloween costumes and accessories at Satin Stitches!swimwear manufacturer Even though every year without fail we get panicked last minute calls for green tights or other hard-to-find accessory items (including XXL Elvis costumes).

Trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving, and, wholesale halloween costumes of course, attending costume parties are all necessary components of the incredibly popular holiday we know as Halloween. Stores capitalize on this so much so that now, not only do they sell costumes, but also accessories, decorations and all types of confections and candies. In addition, most entertainment establishments feature Halloween in their party and event plans. For me, the Halloween pandemonium is magnified because I live in the self-professed ‘Halloween Capitol of the World', Anoka MN.

We hate to hear the dismay in our callers' voices when we tell them that we have a 13-20 week turnaround time for custom costumes this time of year! However, even though we don't sell pre-made Halloween costumes, we still wanted to give some advice regarding what to do if you've just been invited to a Halloween-themed party and need a fabulous costume in a short period of time!

First, you'll need to figure out if you want to buy or create your own costume. If you decide to purchase the costume online, make sure you can receive it in time for your event. If you're looking for a well-crafted costume, visit ourSatin Stitches eBay store. Although we may not be able to create a personalized, custom costume for you in time for Halloween this year, you'll certainly have time to peruse our samples on eBay that are available for purchase! Who knows, we may have exactly what you've been looking for! With all of our eBay costumes in house, we typically ship same day, so you can expect your fun new costume to be delivered within just a few short days.

Of course, if you're like many people, your first instinct might be to run to the closest pop-up Halloween store and buy a costume off the rack. Even though these costumes are typically about as durable as the plastic bags they come in, this option may work for those who are not concerned with quality and just want a fun, inexpensive costume to parade around town in. If this is you, just remember that when you buy a costume off the rack, you will always see a good percentage of people in the exact same costume as you! So, you've been warned! Now you can't be mad if you see seven other "Sexy Kittens" at your party!

But what about those of you who want a unique, higher quality costume with attention-grabbing details? What about those people who want a costume that they won't see ten other people in before they even get to their party? If you want to make your own but have no sewing or crafting skills, don't fret! You'll just need a friend, relative or co-worker who is willing to help you out.

First of all, you'll need a clear idea of what you hope to accomplish with your costume. Do you love Halloween and dream about "wowing" everyone with your costume? Or do you typically like to throw together simple outfits with a minimal effort? Do you want to be able to use your costume many times, or do you just need it for one night only? You should note that if one of your goals is to win ‘best costume' contests, extra thought and planning will probably be needed!

Next, figure out where you are going to wear the costume. Are you attending a swanky work party or an event in a dark nightclub? Different venues will dictate a different quality of costuming. If you are in a bar or nightclub, detail and quality isn't quite as important as a house party or work event.

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Wholesale Sexy Corset Manufacturer

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While it goes without corsets wholesale saying that many of us are gift shopping for our friends, family, and general loved ones, its also a fun time of year to get yourself a little treat. As you accumulate corset-y dreams to take with you into the new year, heres a list of ten specialty corsetieres whom I think exemplify a particular niche. Some of these talented designers (all of them crafting a handmade product) are extremely versatile, but Ive selected the categories in which I think they really shine amongst the competition. Sparklewren Oyster corset gown | Model: Samio | Photo © InaGlo Photography

Decadently Feminine Couture: Sparklewren
Sparklewrens Sexy Clubwear exquisitely layered embellishments have been an inspiration to contemporary corsetieres since she came onto the scene five years ago. If youre looking for an impeccably impractical one-of-a-kind couture corset, let Sparklewrens imagination run wild and you are sure to delight in the ensuing confection. Dark Garden Valentine corset | Model: Nicole Simone | Photo © Joel Aron

Plus Size / Full Figure: Dark Garden
Dark Garden has been an industry leader in the corset niche for 25 years. Originally only making bespoke corsets, their RTW line is based on an average of thousands of custom measurements taken over the years. If your hourglass runneth over, look no farther than the Valentine. If your budget extends to bespoke, trust Dark Garden to support and enhance your curves with panache. Attention is lavished on the angle of each and every seam so it best fits your body with both grace and comfort. Crikey Aphrodite Queenie corset | Model: Evie Wolfe | Photo © Scott Chalmers

Full Bust: Crikey Aphrodite
Alison Campbell of Crikey Aphrodite works as an expert bra fitter by day, so its no wonder she is exceptionally conscious of good bust fit and support in her corsets. She particularly wowed me at this years Oxford Conference of Corsetry when she created a sample corset for the extremely buxom Evie Wolfe without a mockup fitting. The support and shaping of the bust fit was truly remarkable! (Especially under the circumstances.) Blue and silver corset trio by Laurie Tavan

Historical Fusion: Laurie Tavan (formerly Daze of Laur)
Laurie Tavan has an incredibly unique and fun spin on classic historic silhouettes. Using color blocking and graphic bias stripes, Laurie breathes fresh life into antique-inspired styles, reminding us that not all historic corsets need be simple, undyed, underwear corsets. Like any good corsetmaker, Laurie also has a keen eye for detail and fit. Feminizing Mens Corset by Contour Corsets

Transgender: Contour Corsets
Fran Blanches Contour Corsets have received attention as medical and waist training corsets, but where she really shines is in serving the transgender community. As a transgendered woman, Fran is very conscious of both the personal and the fit concerns trans individuals have regarding corsetry. Wilde Hunt Zafirah leather corset dress

Leather: Wilde Hunt
For about as long as Ive been making corsets, Ive been aware of the exquisite leather work of Wilde Hunte. Though her shaping tends to run to the more mild, it serves as a beautiful foundation to the complex scenes appliqued onto her work. Custom embellished corset by Flo Foxworthy

Burlesque: Flo Foxworthy
While many performers may choose to buy a plain corset from any number of makers and embellish it themselves, why not go to an expert and have a perfect costume created just for you? As a showgirl herself, Flo Foxworthy knows just what you need to maximize your va-va-voom potential under those stage lights. Pop Antique Valentine corset in contrasting organic cotton sateens | Model: Victoria Dagger | Photo © John Carey

Eco-Conscious / Organic: Pop Antique
Pop Antique is my line, and though I have a selection of traditional silks and coutil available, I do my best to source organic cotton and hemp and use it wherever possible. My standard strength layer fabric is a strong, smooth, and supple organic cotton canvas, and I have a lovely selection of organic cotton sateen fashion fabrics that are both strong and beautiful in their subtle luminosity. Royal Black couture corset Mystique Lillies

Opulently Gothic: Royal Black
Royal Black is another continual crowd-pleaser, with their beautiful laser-cut designs, distinctive point of view, and unique detailing. Collection pieces may feature bright colors, metallics, and even pastels, but the result aesthetic is always touched with the essence of a fairy tale evil queen, in the most awesome way possible. Bizarre Design tightlacing corset

Tightlacing: Bizarre Design
This was arguably the hardest category to choose for, but I simply couldnt create this list without showcasing the amazing work of Bizarre Design by Jeroen van der Klis. Bizarre Design has been making exemplary corsets since the late 80s. The lines of his work showcase a classic fetish aesthetic thats so refined as to continually appeal to the modern-day corset audience.

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